The Castle’s historic Cellars
Fermentation, bottling and ageing

The fermentation cellars

In the heart of the estate, near the Castle, this is where the whole production system is concentrated: storerooms, the bottling room and four cellars in which the various wine making processes are carried out – fermentation and first working, storing and ageing.
Further rooms are used for making and ageing Vin Santo and for making extra virgin olive oil.
The alcoholic fermentation section is equipped with an automatic and computerised monitoring system used for all production phases, characterised by great flexibility allowing for the use of a great many operational programmes. The section has a pneumatic press for the grape skins, which are lightly pressed before being sent to the distillery.
Malolactic fermentation and natural clarifying take place in automatically heat controlled stainless steel equipment.
The air-conditioned storage warehouse has stainless steel and glazed cement tanks.

The historic ageing cellars

The ageing cellars are underneath the Castle and in underground spaces below a recently built structure and contain Allier, Tronçais, Limousin barriques and tonneaux, used for the Castello and Chianti Classico Riserva selections, and a number of small oak barrels for other wines.
A visit to the old cellars today takes you to the heart of the Castle, where the inebriating aromas of wines ageing in fine oak barrels suffuse an environment keeping selections from the best vintages from 1904 onwards.


The bottling and packaging section has an automatic system equipped with the most up-to-date technical solutions, and a capacity of around 4000 bottles per hour.

Lastly we come to the storage area, where the bottles are stored in another air-conditioned room before sale, for an ageing period varying from 6 to 12 months depending on type of wine. It is the wine’s last chance for a rest before satisfying the curiosity of a great many enthusiasts and consumers.

In relation to its production organisation, the estate has obtained important international certifications in the food field – BRC and IFS – which are renewed annually.

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