Chianti Classico Docg Il Picchio Gran Selezione

The history of a ‘Gran Selezione’ which began 30 years ago

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Chianti Classico Docg Castello di Querceto Riserva

A careful selection of our Sangiovese grapes best suited to ageing

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Chianti Classico Docg Castello di Querceto

The crispness of the Chianti hills married with the complexity of native grape varieties alone

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QueRceto Romantic

This wine is the product of the meeting between three grapes and aims to celebrate a special mythological event

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A Cabernet Sauvignon which has dazzled the wild boars of our hills

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La Corte

From the estate's first historic vineyard, the expression of one hundred years of pure Sangiovese

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The Labels
“…My tongue be clever, Taste a little, taste this other Robust wine,
which boasts Of having been born in the midst of Chianti…”

Alessandro François hinged his company philosophy on making certain special selections which grew out of an in-depth study of the special features of our own vineyards, with the goal of exalting its characteristics to the full together with the potential of the various varieties grown, with a fairly limited yield per hectare.

Wines are divided into two product ranges. Castello di Querceto is a range of wines made from grapes from our own vineyards. It included Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, single vineyard wines, a Vin Santo, two sparkling wines, a series of three spirits and extra virgin olive oil. A second range consists of wines also made with bought-in grapes, made with the same attention to detail and skill as the first range.

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